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2014 #2 (51,957 KB - it's huge!)

AirCare 1992 - 2014 One Final Look Back (Dave Gourley)

A retrospective collection of articles originally published during the second phase of the AirCare program.

Feature Article (Oct 2014)

Was It Hot Enough For You?(Brad Coupland)

Additional Keywords: Readiness, OBD, Nissan, Altima, Volvo, Toyota, Thermostat, Ford, Honda, Civic

2014 #1 (3517 KB)

AirCare - A History of Emissions Testing in the Lower Mainland (Dave Gourley)

And, a retrospective collection of articles originally published during the first phase of the AirCare program.

Additional Keywords: Health, Pollution, History

Feature Article (May 2014)

Only One Cat? – That’s Crazy Talk! (Brad Coupland)

Additional Keywords: CalCat, Mercedes, Nissan, Pathfinder, Thunderbird, Explorer, 300ZX, RSVP

Feature Article (January 2014)

Our Last Kick at the Cat (alytic Converter) (Brad Coupland)

Additional Keywords: CalCat, Mercedes, Crown Victoria, RSVP

2013 #2 (1913 KB)

Air Pollution Nine-Times Deadlier Than Car Crashes, UBC Researchers Say

AirCare Repair Policy and Procedures

AirCare's RSVP - Repair Strategy Validation Procedure

The Analyzer - Ten Tips For Successful AirCare Repairs (Ron Leavitt)

Additional Keywords: Health, Pollution, CalCat, Verify

Feature Article (July 2013)

Toyota Fuel Trims - Old School (Brad Coupland)

Additional Keywords: Vf, TE1, TE2, Lexus

2013 #1 (1041 KB)

North Vancouver Tech Becomes Newest Master Technician

Metro Vancouver Releases HD Remote Sensing Report

Mystery Shopper Report 2012 - Cycle 4: Things Do Not Always Go As Planned

The Analyzer - Aren't You Ready Yet? - Setting Stubborn OBD Readiness Monitors (Brad Coupland)

Additional Keywords: Mardikian, Escort, Corolla, Wrangler

2012 #2 (1107 KB)

Decision Made to End AirCare After 2014

Four Certified Repair Shops Voted Best in Vancouver

Monitors - Ready, Set, No Go

Mystery Shopper Report: Invoices, Observations and Questions

AirCare Delivers Lunches For Multiple QRA Winners

Metro Vancouver Studying Pollutants From Diesel-Powered Trucks

The Analyzer - Fuel Injection Electrical Diagnosis - Cadillac Hydrocarbon Failure Case Studies (Brad Coupland)

Additional Keywords: Taurus, Remote Sensing, Cadillac

2012 #1 (1553 KB)

Newest Master Technician Honoured at Special Luncheon

Mass Airflow Sensors - Observations and Diagnosis

Mystery Shopper Case Study

O2 Sensor Degradation, Catalyst Code and Fuel Trims

Metro Vancouver Releases Caring For The Air Annual Report

The Analyzer - The Usual Suspects - Diagnosing Excess HC Emissions on Decelerations (Brad Coupland)

Additional Keywords: Vavruska, MAF, Cadillac, SBS, decel

2011 #2 (1553 KB)

AirCare REPAIR Goes Green

Technician Seminars Coming in Oct. and Nov.

Urea SCR Service

Three Certified Shops Voted Best in Vancouver

2009/2010 Operational Report Now Released

Most Common OBD Trouble Codes

The Analyzer - Exhaust Emissions Diagnosis- Air/Fuel Ratio vs Converter Efficiency (Brad Coupland)

Additional Keywords: diesel, DEF, Pontiac, Volkwagen, Honda, Chev, Hyundai, SBS

2011 #1 (674 KB)

An Update On The AirCare Review

Special Notice To AirCare Certified Technicians

Important Information For Technicians

Mystery Shopper Case Study

Major Upgrade Available For GM Sequential Central Port Fuel Injection (SCPI)

Walker Brings CalCats to BC

The Analyzer - Preparing For The AirCare Certified Technician Examination (Ron Leavitt)

Additional Keywords: re-certify, Subaru Outback, Purge, program review, health benefits, SCPI, central port injection, exam, DSO

2010 #2 (872 KB)

Three AirCare Certified Repair Centres Voted Best of Vancouver

Tech Seminars Coming in November

Traffic Pollution May Drive Up Breast Cancer Risk

Mystery Shopper Case Study

Did You Know?

BC SCRAP-IT Program Celebrates its 15th Anniversary

Provincial Diesel Retrofit Program

Air Care Colorado Program to Expand

The Analyzer - EGR Service Tips (Brad Coupland)

Additional Keywords: McGill, Honda CRV, Scrap-It, Honda Accord, Honda Odyssey, Honda Pilot, Acura TL, Honda Prelude, Toyota EGR VSV, Ford DPFE, Chev Tracker, Suzuki Sidekick, Linear EGR, Snake Bit

2010 #1 (872 KB)

AirCare Introduces New Quality Repair Award Criteria

Locating Accurate OBD Drive Cycle Information

Tax Deduction Available for Tradepersons' Tools

Technicians Give Feedback on AirCare Communications Survey

The Analyzer - AirCare's Top Twenty Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) (Brad Coupland)

Additional Keywords: Chrysler Sebring, P0171, P0172, P0174, P0175, P0401, EVAP DTC, Leak Detection, Misfire DTC, Emission Reductions

2009 #2 (851 KB)

Phase 1 of AirCare Review Begins

Let's Get You Back In The Book

Air Pollutants From Vehicle Exhaust Linked to Severe Pneumonia in Seniors

Mystery Shopper Case Study

Special OBD Inspection Procedure For 1998 Volvos

2009 Repair Industry Info Sessions Well Received

Understanding REI Calculations For OBD Repairs

The Analyzer - An Introduction To Wide Band Air/Fuel Sensor Operation (Brad Coupland)

Additional Keywords: Toyota Corolla, WRAF, LAF, Volkswagen Jetta. Honda Civic

2009 #1 (330 KB)

AirCare Review

REI - Keeping It Simple

Aftermarket Catalyst Terminology

PVTT Holds Emissions Clinic in Whitehorse

The Analyzer - Which Code Do I Fix? (Brad Coupland)

Additional Keywords: CARB, EO, EPA, 49-state, DTC Priorities, Chev Malibu, Pontiac Gran Prix, Nissan Frontier, Nissan Maxima

2008 #2 (222 KB)

AirCare Hosts Annual Technician Seminars

Different Catalyst Codes and What They Mean

Which OBD Codes Are Emissions Failures?

Emissions Warranty Coverage Guidelines

The Analyzer - Are You Missing Out on Blocked Monitors? (Ron Leavitt)

Additional Keywords: DTC, P0421, P0422, P0420, Chev Silverado

2008 #1 (965 KB)

AirCare to Provide CO2 Information to Customers

Working Beyond Your Fuel Type

IMPORTANT NOTICE: AirCare Code of Practice

AirCare to Track Hardship Special Case as for Cost Waivers

Updated RepairNet User Guide Now Available

High School Students Excel at Auto Skills Competition

The Analyzer - What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate... OBD Communication, Readiness and Other Concerns (Brad Coupland)

Additional Keywords: Gasfitter, climate change, carbon footprint, Audi A4, ABS, Honda Civic, DLC, Mazda MPV, Honda Odyssey, Ford Escort, Mercedes-Benz E320

2007 #2 (793 KB)

Important Information on Annual Facility Re-certification

Repair Industry Meetings Coming In November

Why Don't We Tell Customers About their MIL being On?

Revised ACE Repair Manual Coming

2001 Model Year Vehicles

The Analyzer - Completing Readiness Monitors on OBD II Vehicles (Brad Coupland)

Additional Keywords: Ford Windstar, Catalyst Monitor, EGR Monitor

2007 #1 (621 KB)

AirCare Repair Centre Changes

Does REI Still Matter?

To Submit or Not to Submit...

OBD Test Flow Chart

2007 Federal Budget Addresses Environment

The Analyzer - The New Repairnet (Ron Leavitt)

Additional Keywords: Code of Practice, GMC Yukon, Detailed Data, SBS

2006 #3 (344 KB)

A Letter From Martin Lay, AirCare CEO

AirCare III - The Next Generation

Highlights from AirCare I and II - A Look Back

Upcoming Meetings to Review Changes to AirCare Certification

Emissions Reductions since 1992

The Analyzer - Set, Ready, Go - OBDII (Ron Leavitt)

Additional Keywords: Program Changes

2006 - #2 (295 KB)

Changes to AirCare Coming in January

RepairNet - Protect Your Password

New Study Reveals Air Pollutants Can Harm Child Development

Conditional Pass Rate on Steady Decline

The Analyzer - Mystery Shopper Case Study #1 - 1993 Toyota Previa (Ron Leavitt)

Additional Keywords: Health, Mystery Shopper, Toyota Previa

2006 - #1 (317 KB)

Mystery Shopper Program Review

Health Effects of Diesel Exhaust

AirCare Certified Emissions (ACE) Repair Manual Revision 2.0 Now Complete and Available on RepairNet

AirCare Inspection Changes - January 1, 2007

The Analyzer - Back In Control (Ron Leavitt)

Additional Keywords: toxic particles, priority, speed density, MAP, Toyota RAV4, calibration, Honda Civic, open loop enrichment, resistor

2005 - #4 (537 KB)

Was It Ready Enough?

USC Study Links Childhood Asthma and Traffic Pollution

GVRD Adopts Air Quality Management Plan

The Analyzer - Diagnosing Catalytic Converters Using Catalyst Monitors (Brad Coupland)

Additional Keywords: Readiness, Monitors, AQMP, program effectiveness, close-coupled, upstream, downstream, waveforms, Toyota Camry, Ford F150, Plymouth Voyager, Ford Ranger

2005 - #3 (436 KB)

Cheng Achieves Master Tech Level Designation

Study Assesses Impact of Smog, Extreme Weather

AirCare Streamlines Automatic Re-certification Process

AirCare - Results and Observations in 2003 and 2004

The Analyzer - O2 Sensor Testing

Additional Keywords: REI, DSO, Snap-Throttle, O2 Voltage, O2 Response, Cross Counts, Zirconia, Titania

2005 - #2 (215 KB)

Students Compete In Auto Skills Challenge

REI Calculation Changes Proposed

Resolving Pattern Failures - Not A Simple Matter

Changes Coming To Repair Centre Listings

AirCare Technician Patches Available from Cintas

The Analyzer - Pattern Failure of 1998 and Newer Vehicles (Stewart)

Additional Keywords: FTP, IM240, Mazda Protege, Ford Explorer, Acura EL, Honda Civic,

2005 - #1 (176 KB)

Manufacturers Endorse Top Tier Gasoline Program

The Gas Cap Blues

Timing Reflash Reduces NOx Emissions

AirCare Repair Advisory Committee Meeting Report

Have You Given Us The BIRD?

Mystery Shopper Pilot Project

The Analyzer - The Emissions and Oil Connection (McCartney)

Additional Keywords: Detergent, Stamm, Aftermarket Gas Cap, Sulfur, Phosphorous

2004 - #4 (401 KB)

PALM Program Update

Understanding Repair Cost Limits

AirCare Program Technical Review - Phase 1

Simplified 2nd Chance Repairs and REI

Extended Certification Periods

The Analyzer - OBD II - The Be All and End All? (Brad Coupland)

Additional Keywords: Pioneer, Achiever, Leader, Master, Levelton, Program Effectiveness, MIL, Ford E250,

2004 - #3 (200 KB)

REI Administrative Issues

1992 VW Eurovan CO Problems

FIX-IT Pilot Project - Phase II

RepairNet Enhancements Now In Place

Delta High School Students Take Top Honours at Auto Skills Challenge

The Analyzer - Prioritizing Component Tests

Additional Keywords: Volkswagen, Resistor

2004 - #2 (257 KB)

Third Technician Receives Master Designation

AirCare Techs Raise The Bar

New Website Launched

Ten Most Common Repairs by QRA Winners

Dispelling Those AirCare Myths

The Analyzer - Catalytic Converters: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (Brad Coupland)

Additional Keywords: Marshall, IM240, Diagnostic Trace Report, SBS

2004 - #1 (551 KB)

Second Technician Reaches Master Level Designation

AirCare ON-ROAD Program Returns

Auto Skills Challenge Encourages Careers in Automotive Industry

The AirCare Repair Advisory Committee

Techs Benefit from BIRD Submissions

FIX-IT Pilot Project

REI Review

The Analyzer - Can the Driver Make a Difference in IM240 Test Results? (Jollimore)

Additional Keywords: Yee, Heavy-Duty Diesel, ACOR

2003 - #3 (147 KB)

New Format for Certified Repair Centre Lists

Repair Effectiveness Index (REI) Revisited

Before Inspection Repair Data Form

RDF Updates

The Analyzer - Reviewing Inspection Results

Additional Keywords: IM240, ASM

2003 - #2 (462 KB)

Tech Receives Third Quality Repair Award

Customers Prefer Certified Repair Shops, Survey Says

Repair Centre List to Include Effectiveness Rating

PVTT Certification Audit and Procedures

Portable Exhaust Gas Analyzers

Analysis Confirms Failing Vehicles Less Fuel Efficient

Revisions to the REI Reporting Periods

The Analyzer - TSB Translator (Ron Leavitt)

Additional Keywords: IM240, fuel economy, Mazda Protege

2003 - #1 (263 KB)

B.C. Students Compete in 2003 Auto Skills Challenge

Properly Diagnosing IM240 Failures Will Boost Your REI

AirCare Extends Certification Period for Top Shops

AirCare II Statistics

The Analyzer - Effective Diagnostic Procedures

Additional Keywords: Diagnosis, Process, Baseline, Nutshell

2002 - #4 (304 KB)

Automotive Retailers Association Hosts 2nd Annual Technical Conference

What AirCare is Doing About Q Waivers

Service Writers - Do You Have an AirCare Policy Question?

The Most Anticipated Formula

Recent RepairNet Enhancements

Did You Give Us the BIRD?

Toyota Tercel Update

The Analyzer - Aftermarket Catalysts (Leavitt,)

Additional Keywords: IM240, convert, SBS, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Dodge Dakota

2002 - #3 (232 KB)

Tech Receives Third Quality Repair Award, Achiever Designation

Full Duration IM240 Tests and the Mass Emission Sample

AirCare Repair Newsletters - Faster Downloads

REI Credit for Submitting Pre-Inspection Repair Data

Government of Canada Announces New Fuel Regulations

The Analyzer - GMC CPI Injection Systems: Common Problems and Diagnosis (Brad Coupland)

Additional Keywords: sulpher, central, poppet

2002 - #2 (120 KB)

Cowichan Secondary School Wins 2002 Auto Skills Competition

AirCare Examinations Revised

The AirCare Certified Emissions Repair Manual

Before Inspection Repair Data Collection

REI Available On-Line

The Analyzer - Fuel Vapor Leaks Can Cause HC Failures with No OBD II Error Codes (Lyons)

Additional Keywords: Chev Camaro, Pontiac Firebird, SBS, Evap

2002 - #1 (379 KB)

Tech Earns 3rd Quality Repair Award

Pilot Program on Data Collection for Before AirCare Inspection Repairs

REI Review

Completion and Submission of Electronic Repair Data Forms

AirCare Inspection Reminder for 2002

The Analyzer - The IM240 Test - Four Ways to Pass, One Way to Fail . . . (Gourley)

Additional Keywords: IM240, FTP

2001 - #4 (491 KB)

AirCare Launches The PALM Program

Charbula Receives Master Certified Repair Tech Designation

Automotive Retailers Association Technical Conference 2001

The Repair Effectiveness Index

AirCare Inspection Reminder for 2002

The Analyzer - What Gives?? HC and CO Failures Caused by EGR Defect (Brad Coupland)

Additional Keywords: IM240, back pressure, EGR

2001 - #3 (253 KB)

"What's Wrong?"

Collector Vehicles and AirCare

Communicating with Certified Repair Industry

Inspection Data Drop Down Menu Options

The Analyzer - Catalyst Efficiency and IM-240 Testing (Ron Leavitt)

Additional Keywords: IM240, Aftermarket, Chev Cavalier

2001 - #2 (726 KB)

Cowichan Secondary Students Win Auto Skills Challenge

AirCare Celebrates Clean Air Day

Students Win Air Waves Scholarships

The Analyzer - Dirty MAF Sensor = High NOx (Ron Leavitt)

Additional Keywords: Hitachi, Bosch, Buick Century

2001 - #1 (793 KB)

A Tech's View Eight Years Later

90-Day Expiry Date for Conditional Pass

Gas Cap Testing

Sam's Corner - Q & A

Did You Know?

How Are IM240 Results Calculated?

Understanding IM240 Test Results

Automotive Web Sites

The Analyzer - Interpreting IM240 Test Results (Ron Leavitt)

Additional Keywords: variability, SBS, mass emissions, websites, links

2000 - #4 (145 KB)

Dan Loeck Wins Sixth Quality Repair Award

AirCare II Enhancements Effective January 1, 2001

New AirCare Requirements for Collector Cars

Changes to RepairNet

Hot-Wire MAF Sensors & High NOx

NOx Tip for Older HD Dodge and Ford Trucks

The Analyzer - O2 Sensor Form Completion for RepairNet (Ron Leavitt)

Additional Keywords: Buick, OBDII, DSO

2000 - #3 (136 KB)

Get Ready for AirCare II

Revised Standards Effective September 5, 2000

Lane Hardware Upgrades for AirCare II

AirCare II - Diesel Test

How to Look-up the New ASM and Idle Test Standards

The Analyzer - Interpreting the New Diagnostic Trace Report (Ron Leavitt)

Additional Keywords: D147, Standards, DTR, SBS

2000 - #2 (137 KB)

Mike Charbula Wins Sixth Quality Repair Award

Important Notice from Sam Loo

Cowichan Students Win Auto Skills Competition

AirCare II Certification Update

AirCare Web Site Notice

Special Internet Service Rates For Certified Repair Centres

The Analyzer - The IM240 Transient Driving Schedule (Ron Leavitt)

Additional Keywords: Service Advisor, IM240, UDDS

2000 - #1 (145 KB)

Being The Best Tech You Can Be

No Tach, No Feedback - Mazda B2200

AirCare Supports Skills Challenge

New and Improved Website Offers Discussion Group For Technicians

Tech Tips - Crown Victoria 4.6L NOx Failures

New AirCare Phone Numbers

The Analyzer - O2 Sensor Waveform Diagnostics (Ron Leavitt)

Additional Keywords: Mazda B2200, Ford Crown Victoria, DSO

1999 - #4 (218 KB)

Changes to the AirCare Program

AirCare Inspection Centres Under Renovation

"Auto Makers' Choice" Gasoline Endorsement Program

The Analyzer - Getting the Whole Picture (Brad Coupland)

Catalyst Efficiency Formula

Additional Keywords: Sulphur, NOx, lambda

1999 - #3 (159 KB)

The AirCare Repair Industry Advisory Panel

AirCare Joins TransLink Family

Phase One for AirCare II

Certification Update

Tech Tips - Fuel Trim Feedback

Canadian / US Vehicle Model Cross Reference

Newsletter Reference Index: 1993 #1 - 1999 #2

Additional Keywords: Leaking EGR

1999 - #2 (391 KB)

Premier Promises Tougher Emissions Standards

AirCare Contractor Granted Seven-Year Extension

Environment Minister Launches AirCare ON-ROAD (ACOR) Program

Changes to Repair Data Form

AirCare Techs Share Knowledge

Tech Tips - Relearn After Repairs

Fuel Trim Guidelines

Vehicle Recalls Database Now Online

The Analyzer - AirCare CVS Lab Testing (Brad Coupland)

Additional Keywords: On-Road, Envirotest, RDF, Constant Volume Sampling, Transient

1999 - #1 (183 KB)

AirCare II Development Now Underway


Changes in Certification Requirements for "Mixed Fleet Mechanics"

Tech Tips - Cold Engine / High NOx

The Analyzer - Carburettor Calibration Tables (Ron Leavitt)

Additional Keywords: Nissan Pathfinder, SAE J1667, Carter AFB, Edelbrock Performer, Main Jets, Metering Rods, Rochester Quadrajet

1998 - #4 (315 KB)

AirCare Rates Worst Performers

AirCare's Newest Emissions Testing Specialist

AirCare Shoulder Crests Available

The AirCare Repair Industry Advisory Panel

Tech Tips - Alternative Fuel Feedback Systems

Canadian Part Number for GM "Cleens"

The Analyzer - Diagnosing and Repairing Power Valve Problems (Ron Leavitt)

Additional Keywords: Brad Coupland, Propane, Natural Gas, Feedback, manifold vacuum, power piston, Suzuki Samurai

1998 - #3 (126 KB)

Identifying Problem Calibrations

AirCare Rates Top Performers

Chrysler Recall Notice

"Second Chance" Repair Effectiveness Index Calculation

Revisions to the Quality Repair Award

Your Feedback - Propane Feedback Fuel Control

The Analyzer - Programmed For Success (Ron Leavitt)

Additional Keywords: GMC Safari, Chev Astrovan, Chrysler Cirrus, Dodge Stratus, Plymouth BReeze, Chrysler Sebring, QRA, Impco, Dodge Caravan, Lambda, feed gas, upstream, pre-catalyst

1998 - #2 (177 KB)

Vehicles of Every Model Year Fail AirCare

AirCare in Cyberspace

Environment Minister Launches AirCare Campaign

Repair Effectiveness Update

The Scrap-It Program

The Analyzer - The School of Hard NOx (Ron Leavitt)

Additional Keywords: Chev Cavalier, Ford Aerostar, efficiency

1998 - #1 (171 KB)

Filling Out the RDF - Are We Sending Mixed Messages?

AirCare II

How Completing the RDF Affects Your REI

Your Feedback - Mixture Control Solenoid

Additional Keywords: Nissan Micra, Mazda 626, Mazda B2000, Mazda GLC, RDF

1997 - #4 (91 KB)

An AirCare Milestone

Canadian Vehicle Emissions Standards Revised

Automatic Recertification Now Underway

ECS Advisory

Size Does Matter

Combustion Chamber Cleaning

The Analyzer - Varying Readings? (Glenn Buholzer)

Additional Keywords: Cadillac, sulphur, MMT, normal variability, abnormal variability

1997 - #3 (125 KB)

Three-Time Quality Repair Award Winners Honoured

B.C. Emissions Techs Give Ontario Wake-up Call

Your Feedback - Mazda 626 / B2000 Mixture Control Solenoid Change-up

The Analyzer - How Do Catalytic Converters Measure Up? (MacGregor)

Additional Keywords: Morgan, Fujisawa, Pre-Cat, Upstream, Feed Gas, Engine-out, Nissan Micra, carburetor

1997 - #2 (232 KB)

Automatic Recertification Cuts in July 1st

ICBC / MVB Merger Phase I - A Done Deal

Recertification Procedures Amended

Internal Engine Repair Marked Defective But Not Repaired

The Analyzer - Two Examples of RDF Completion

Additional Keywords: Remanufactured, Brown

1997 - #1 (162 KB)

Does AirCare Really Work?

Working Beyond Your Fuel Type

Exchange Carburettors

Your Feedback - GM 4.3L O2 Sensor Upgrade

Repair Cost Limits

The Analyzer - Diagnosing Pulsed Air Systems (Part 2 - Valves and Controls) (Ron Leavitt)

Additional Keywords: Misconceptions, Benefits, Remanufactured, Calibration, Chev Astro, GMC Safari, Bag Test

1996 - #4 (134 KB)

Where There's Smoke . . .

New General Manager at Ebco - Hamilton

Practical Uses For REI

The Analyzer - Diagnosing Pulsed Air Systems (Part 1) (Ron Leavitt)

Additional Keywords: Theobald, Visible Exhaust, Aspirator, Thermactor, Air Suctiopn, Air Induction, Hyundai Excel

1996 - #3 (223 KB)

Inspection Centres Re-open

AirCare Certification - Requirements for Renewal

Repair Data Form Completion

Repair Data Form (RDF) Revised!

Was It Hot Enough?

The Analyzer - O2 Sensor Failure (Ron Leavitt)

Additional Keywords: Preconditioning, Rich Shift, Lean Shift, Response Time

1996 - #2 (153 KB)

CVIP Manual Updated

Quality Repair Awards Revised

The Analyzer - Diagnosing O2 Sensor Problems (Ron Leavitt)

Additional Keywords: DSO, Oscilloscope, Waveform, Range, Response Time, Lambda, DVOM

1996 - #1 (184 KB)

Repair Effectiveness Index Update

What Is the Impact of Compulsory Certification?

Top 10 Defects

Lean Out for Vacuum Leaks

High Driving CO with CIS Injection

Divide and Conquer for High CO Diagnosis

Ford Emission Recall

Your Feedback - Propane Powered 1989 5.0L Bronco

OHG and Impco Compatibility Problems

The Analyzer - Quick Tips (Ron Leavitt)

Additional Keywords: Ford Taurus, Mercury Sable, Ford Probe, Ford Bronco, Bosch

1995 - #4 (157 KB)

The Service Technicians Society (STS)

AirCare Repair Cost Limits

Problem GM Calibrations

Your Feedback - Is It The ECM?

The Analyzer - Revisions to Performance Review Criteria (Loo/Stewart)

Additional Keywords: SAE, HELP Smog Parts, Buick

1995 - #3 (201 KB)

Changes Are Coming

The Repair Data Form - Answers to Your Questions

Problem Areas on Recertification Examination

What Do You Do When the Vehicle Needs More Repairs?

Emissions Testing Not New

The Analyzer - Tools of the Trade (Ron Leavitt)

Additional Keywords: Standards, Good Readings

1995 - #2 (262 KB)

AirCare Works: Repair Industry Given Credit

Emissions Warranty Coming

Heavy-Duty Vehicles To Be Tested

Repair Cost Limit is Specific to Post-Test Repairs

Top 10 Defects of Failing Vehicles

Fuel Control Components - 1988 and later Toyota Tercels

Your Feedback - 1989 Nissan Pickup 2.4L TBI

Newsletter Reference Index: 1993-#1 - 1995-#1

The Analyzer - Passing a Dirty Car (Glenn Buholzer)

Additional Keywords: Program Benefits, VCV, EBCV

1995 - #1 (748 KB)

Our Goal for 1995

Calibration Gases Must Be Certified

The Technician Competency Interview

Policy on Replicars, Replikits, Specialty Vehicles, and Ubilts

Propane Vacuum Advances

Institutions Offering AirCare Training Courses

Your Feedback - Restoring EGR Flow to Intake Manifold

Your Feedback - Mixture Control Solenoid Diagnosis

The Analyzer - Toyota Tercel CO Problems

Additional Keywords: Bar 84, Kit Cars, Chrysler New Yorker, EBCV, VCV, BVSV

1994 - #4 (Fall) (264 KB)

Alternative Fuel Conversion

AirCare Repair Survey Feedback Results

Vacuum Delay Valves

Buick 3.8L EGR Valve Replacement

Defective O2 Sensors

O2 Sensor Contamination

High Fuel Pressure on Chrysler TBI

EGR Orifice Sizing

Injector Balance Testing

The Analyzer - Underhood Investigations (Ron Leavitt)

Additional Keywords: SAE, Nissan Micra, Mazda B2000, Buick 3.8, Chrysler TBI

1994 - #3 (Summer) (350 KB)

Training - Is It an Investment or a Liability?

What is an Emissions Diagnosis?

When is it Appropriate to Complete and RDF?

Repair Cost Limits

Rochester Varajet CO Fixes

EGR Passage Bypass Revealed

"Car and Driver" Opinion Poll

The Analyzer - Closed Loop System Check for Gasoline Fueled Vehicles

Additional Keywords: Dodge Challenger, Mitsubishi, BC Tel

1994 - #2 (Spring) (373 KB)

AirCare Profile - Dave Gourley

Repair Date Forms Analyzed

The AirCare Recertification Test

Duty Cycle Versus Dwell

Your Feedback - 1988 Ford F-250 4.9L

Your Feedback - 1993 Honda Civic DX 1.5L

The Analyzer - ECS Inspection to be Re-introduced on 1988 and Newer Vehicles

Additional Keywords: Holley Weber 5200, Tampering

1994 - #1 (Winter) (389 KB)

On-Board Diagnostics - Big Changes Beginning With 1994 Models

Attention - Revised Test Procedure

Calibration Gas Cylinders

Repair Data Form Analysis

Clarification of Repair Cost Limit Application

Performance Reports

Hyundai Pony Idle CO Problems

Mazda B-2200 Air/Fuel Solenoids

Technician Recertification

Your Feedback - 1990 Nissan Micra w/ Feedback Carb

Your Feedback - 1983 Buick Century 2.5L

The Analyzer - Asian Feedback Carburettors (Ron Leavitt)

Additional Keywords: OBDII, Chev Astro, GMC Safari, Toyota Tercel, Mazda B2200

1993 - #4 (Fall) (660 KB)

AirCare Research Centre Tests Program Effectiveness

AirCare Courses Fundable Under Workplace-Based Training Initiative

Repair Centre Recertification

Repair Cost Limit Application

Consumer Complaints

Honda Prelude - High Driving CO

Nissan Maxima and 300ZX - NOx Failures

Chrysler 2.2L - High Driving CO

High Mileage Vehicles - High Idle HC

Pre-Catalyst Sampling System

Your Feedback - Invitation to Technicians

The Analyzer - The Ins and Outs of High CO (Glenn Buholzer)

Additional Keywords: FTP, CVS, Focus Group, Kehin, Carbon Monoxide

1993 - #3 (Summer) (210 KB)

Repair Cost Limits to Increase

AirCare Research Centre Now Open

Practical Training Course

The Decertification Process

Recertification Audits

AirCare Attracts International Attention

Emission Analyzer Care

Emission Analyzer Don'ts

Volkswagen Fox Notice

Emissions Warranty

Mandatory Component Inspection to Re-commence

The Analyzer - Vehicle Readings - What's Good?

Additional Keywords: Volkswagen Fox, Tampering

1993 - #2 (Spring) (489 KB)

AirCare Inspection Accuracy - Believe It!

Performance Reviews

Follow the Rules

Time For Certified Repair Centre Audits

Inspection Accuracy

Mazda Feedback Carbs - Driving CO Problems

Ported Vacuum for Propane

AirCare Repair Centre Procedures

The Analyzer - Selection, Care, and Feeding of Catalytic Converters

Additional Keywords: Variability, Repeatability, GLC, 626, B2200, B2600, Throttle Body

1993 - #1 (Winter) (204 KB)

Burnaby AirCare Centre On Target

AirCare Well Underway

AirCare Vital Statistics

Don't Forget to Read Your Repair Centre Handbook

Certified Repair Centre Performance Evaluations

NOx Formation and EGR Operation

Technical Support Line Established

AirCare Questions and Answers

The Analyzer - EGR Working But Failed NOx?

Additional Keywords: CVS, frost plug